About Me


My name is Daniel Lui. I work on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as an Associate Area Director for the Silicon Coast area, which covers the San Francisco Peninsula, the South Bay and Monterey Bay. I focus specifically on chapter planting and growth in the area’s 13 community colleges (if you’re interested in financially partnering with this work, click here!).

I am:

  • Asian-American (Toishan-Cantonese-Chinese-Asian-American-Californian-northern and southern to be more exact)
  • born of Sept. 22 of 1984.
  • a Scrabble addict
  • an amateur musician
  • talkative.
  • ENFJ (although this is disputed. Some say i’m more I than E and more P than J… but I simply shrug…)
  • a reader
  • a writer
  • whatever you think i am, yet not what you think i am at all.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Wendy Hu-Au says:

    Hey Daniel,
    I stumbled onto your page as I was checking out wordpress.com. I recognized you from the AASC this past spring. How’s life in SD? Hope you’re well.


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