In undergrad, I once did an art piece in which I played a bunch of people saying the same questions of significance and purpose in different languages in chaos… And then had John 1 whispered in the background. It was an attempt at representing the rising reality of connectivity in a digitized globalized world- we thought connectivity would save us from our insecurities but in fact amplifies them, drowning out the whisper we actually long for.  
In retrospect, the piece was a little too on-the-nose, but oh how it still rings true… Seems to be my social media experience these days. But these days it’s hard to hear the whisper in the cacophony without shutting myself down totally in isolation. How desperately I need to take some time to listen for the whisper, and recenter my actions personally, socially and politically around that whisper… Well, I’m going to try at least. 

Going to take a break and listen for the whisper- not as disengagement, because the thing is, the One who whispers isn’t the running away type- the Whisperer calls us right back into the storm, right into the chaos in faith filled engagement… I am confident that He will not be silent as justice is left torn asunder, and that He will empower us to rise up against these dark times…

But for now, I wait. I listen. I release. I surrender my anger for His. I surrender my need for harmony for His deep shalom. I listen for Him first, because apart from His long arc toward justice embedded throughout history, my own arc falls short. I am so tired, and I need deeper boldness to continue to stand, to resist, to protest, to civilly disobey… Because I’m so tired and I need so desperately to hear that Whisper, to allow it to fill my lungs and speak boldly… And perhaps as I wait, I’ll hear that Whisper that commands the storms to cease.


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