“In the beginning…”

“In the beginning…”

I suppose it is appropriate to study Genesis in my class at Fuller during the beginning of the year.

Tomorrow, one of the chapters of InterVarsity that I serve at begins its new semester.

Doing campus ministry with InterVarsity at a 2-year community college, there are new beginnings every semester (One could argue my life here is more buddhist than Christian, chock full of reincarnation and such… but I shouldn’t go there haha). There are new students, new schedules, new problems to tackle. Usually, the week before my students’ school year begins is a week of anxiety for me. Nothing is known until the school year actually begins. I don’t know who we will meet, which non-Christians the Lord will bring to us, which new student leaders will rise up. I’m usually lacking in sleep either in preparation for the unknown (the worst kind of thing to prepare for) or simply wondering if we will experience growth or not in the next semester. Beginnings are always chaotic.

However, as I engage my own seminary training, I’m reminded that God speaks order into our chaotic beginnings. He separates heaven and sea; earth from sea; day and night. He orders these things and causes these structures and constructs to become places of habitation and nourishment.

I remember that it is the Lord’s job to order creation, not my own. The Lord will order the chaos of the beginning of this semester as a place where I can inhabit and grow. He cares for me and will prepare a good place for myself and the InterVarsity community to experience life in this next semester.

It’s funny, but this time as I read through Genesis, I am noticing not just the fall of humanity, but the care of the creator God. He seems to have been a shepherd from the beginning, before humanity even toyed with the idea of herding animals. It’s good to remember that He cares for those that He made.

(Here is this semester’s North County leadership team- biggest group we’ve ever had! Excited for how God will use them this year! Pray for us!)

North County San Diego InterVarsity Leaders!

North County San Diego InterVarsity Leaders!


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