At the coffee counter…

In haste, I pushed aside the two people stirring at the counter as I poured the half and half into the black verona coffee at Starbucks. I needed my caffeine, my head was throbbing with the need to wake up.

And in that moment, the two people, complete strangers to eachother, while still stirring, started talking…

“My mom just died from cancer on Friday”

“Oh no… How are you?”

“She’ll be okay. She was a believer, I know she’s with God.”

“I’m a believer too. Praise God.”

“Praise God.”

And I walked away, realizing that I just stood between them unmoved. I had just stood by while a holy moment had occurred; I had just watched “church” unfold before me.

And… I was not aware of it in the moment. I just stood by, and worse, I just walked away.

I can be so aloof to His glory revealed around me all the time, concerned about my own tiredness and needs… when perhaps what I really need is to take my eyes off of myself and look around.


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