no compromise

The school year is almost over. I can’t believe it. Less than a month and half from now, my 2nd year of staff will be complete. And the awesome things I’ve seen. When Mark Manuscript camp at Catalina ended, I had a sigh of relief as it was one of the biggest things that I had to do this school year. I literally stress out about it like I do for a final during school… except for a final, you don’t get to see God break chains on peoples hearts and transform lives. ha.

As I sighed out of relief, I found myself in a strange state of mind last week. I had this funny assumption that since I was done with the most stressful season of the year, I could just go into cruise control. As I walked off of campus one day last week and was reflecting, I think God slapped me in the face and poured a bucket of (not real) ice cold water on me.

I realized that I could not walk in this stupor. God didn’t call me to MiraCosta to maintain a status quo- He called me to be a leader on this campus, a light into the darkness, a city on a hill, a breaker of chains, and one who fights for every single soul that walks onto that campus. Not for somebody who just made sure that I had a bible study planned each day.

There are a whole 5-6 weeks left for God to work. In that time, there could be somebody that God wants to radically transform- there could even be somebody who is ready to enter into His Kingdom.

I don’t want to be asleep when God brings the opportunity to me to be a herald of His Kingdom. I saw 7 people commit their lives so far this year, and 5-6 weeks is enough time for Him to do the same, if not more. I know that He’ll work whether I’m asleep or not, but the question is if I will be awake when He does so. I don’t want my spiritual sleepiness to be the reason why I didn’t get to witness Him do great things in peoples’ lives.

God, open my eyes to see what You are doing at MiraCosta. I even pray for the grace and privelege to watch somebody make a decision to follow You in this short time.  Give me the spiritual alertness to hear Your voice and the humility to obey that voice at any moment. Give me the expectation and faith that Your Kingdom is always breaking through into reality. amen.


2 thoughts on “no compromise

  1. e* says:

    hang in there!

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