Today we talked with our students what it would look like to be a champion of something. A champion of evangelism. A champion of prayer. A champion of community. We wanted them to think about it.
I told them that I wanted them to become mentors of others, and that most of my mentors were champions of something. Chris was a champion of what it meant to be a community. Lars was a champion of what it meant to fight for social justice. Audrey was a champion for worship. Benson was a champion in prayer. Although Ryan didn’t directly mentor me, his leadership over me as a student showed me that he was a champion in evangelism. Each of them did amazing things, they made amazing ministries and made changes to Intervarsity when I was a student at UCSD. But their legacy in me wasn’t really a specific ministry, structure or physical thing. It was something deeper- it was the inspiration to be a champion in those things as well. To have eyes to see what they saw when they looked out. To have their passion. A passion for community. A passion for social justice. A passion to see true worship. A passion to see communities engage in prayer. A passion for evangelism. What they left was passion and culture.
It was hard for some of my students to think about what they want to champion. It’s strange to say “I want to become a champion” or “I want to be the best at this” when you don’t feel that you really are or can’t see that you could be gifted at it. But I pray and hope that they become champions of something. I dream of champions of evangelism. of prayer. of community. of worship. of social justice. And that they would draw in others that want that passion
It made me think to myself- man. what do I want to be a champion at? Am i pursuing something that I can champion? shrug. It’s a thinker, but I’ve gotta go to Large group tonight. I’ll finish this thought later.


One thought on “champions

  1. dhoff says:

    I think its very poignant that you use the the noun and verb form of champion here. Good reminders, Daniel. Thanks.

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