letters to God from a very conflicted and undecided voter.

God, I feel a battle over my opinions. Each side paints a foreboding picture of a society not living up to the standards of Your kingdom.

God, I’ve been telling people that You don’t want us to be on the extremes of either side, but to be incarnational in our votes- that we would vote on behalf of others, and stand in the shoes of those these laws affect- on both sides. My ideas of true objectivity as actually the culmination of the hypersubjectivity of compassion are so good on paper and in speech… but now I find myself torn, distraught, and without peace. It’s because the challenge is so much greater than sharing in the joy and pain of all people, but it’s pushing even further to hearing what is on YOUR heart. You hold true objectivity in Your hands, You created each individual subjectivity, You know what must be done to best heal heal us, to best make us whole.

God, as we vote, may we be at peace that Your Kingdom is not reliant on any law or person in power. Your kingdom is much more subversive than that, much more powerful than that. Your Kingdom moves forward with grace and mercy no matter our just or injust decisions. Yes or No on prop 8, Obama or McCain, *YOU* are the one that is in charge. Even if they are the “wrong” decisions, you have the power to bring about justice and mercy even when laws say the opposite.

No matter what happens in this election, I know that You still call me to one person at a time, one moment at a time, to witness Your kingdom spring up from the ground. One thing i know for sure- there is no urgency… at least the urgency we think there is. So many people tell me, along with myself saying this, that this is an urgent time to vote. In a sense yes, but we speak of this urgency as if You are not in control. We speak of urgency in a way that if we vote one way, the our moral fabric will be torn apart, and if we vote the other way, God’s compassionate message of love will be permanently undermined.

Yes, I still want to fight for just decisions. I still believe that there is an urgency. But this urgency becomes manipulated by the enemy when we let the urgency control us instead of our trust in the Lord. Our radical actions of and intercession of mercy and justice must be accompanied by radical, perspective shifting contemplation on the One who holds divine wisdom.

So God, as I step into that voting booth, may I do so out of trust in Your justice, mercy, love and power. May you be the only voice I listen to. May every decision I make as one citizen out of millions be grounded in You and in the ways of Your unstoppable Kingdom, of which my true citizenry lies.



5 thoughts on “letters to God from a very conflicted and undecided voter.

  1. Katherine says:

    Ya but I always heard that the gospel is supost to be extreme. That Jesus said for us to pick a side and not act as if we are on both sides. I believe he said we are either for or against him. Though i do have friends that believe in God but are not believers in the son, Jesus. The gospel is supost to be extreme ie: we lay our lives down for someone else…literaly. I guess were supost to be that way with issues too. I know i am a hypocrite because I am voting no on 8 yet I still believe in God. Which means that I must be choosing both sides as if that is possible but lately I have been thinking outside of the religious box regarding the propositions. Again…all i know is that the gospel is supost to be extreme and Christians are supost to be extreme but that is just what I get from fundementals. I guess not everyone is that way.

  2. daniellui says:

    Yes, the gospel does call us to be extreme… but really- what does it mean to be extreme? Is it really the extremes of fundamentalism? Or is there, to borrow a term from the Vineyard, a “radical middle”?

  3. Katherine says:

    Never heard of the term a “radical middle.” I am going to have to give that some thought! Sometiems it is very hard to read the bible in terms of the middle. It is way too easy to see the bible in terms of black and white thinking. Probably the more educated Christians are the less they see the bible in terms of black and white thinking because they are drawing from other sources as well as the Bible to get answers. There is such a move from the mainstream to get people away from fundementalism. The word fundementalism in our society is such a bad word. If i just voted on the propositions based on what the Bible says and didn`t also use other sources then I would be missing alot of “between the lines” key points. I would be voting COMPLETELY differently If i ONLY used the Bible to make my voting desisions. I don`t know if that makes me a sinner for reading more in between the lines then to just vote because the bible says this or that. Me personaly I have to have ballance.

  4. Nate says:

    God gave us a brain and gives us wisdom. To not use them in making these decisions would not be honoring Him.

  5. Brian Kiley says:

    well said, sir

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