more quotes

I’ve been reading a lot, so forgive me for all the quotes. They just keep coming.

I’ve been revisiting Henri Nouwen’s Compassion again. This book has destroyed me over and over again. Every 5 pages, I need to put the book down and fight the urge to publicly weep in the coffee shop. What’s crazy is that all the systematic theology I’ve been taking has made these words deeper and more powerful instead of more distant and abstract. Last night, Barth was talking about God’s simultaneous love and freedom- His nature of constantly giving love, and His all powerful freedom in that love. All of a sudden, the compassion revealed to us in Jesus makes sense to me in new powerful ways. meh. anyways, just needed to write down some of these quotes before I forget them.


Through compassion our humanity grows into its fullness.


When Jesus was moved to compassion, the source of all life trembled, the ground of all love burst open, and the abyss of God’s immense, inexhaustible and unfathomable tenderness revealed itself.


In our modern society with its increasing mobility and pluriformity, we have become the subjects and often the victims of so many displacements that it is very hard to keep a sense of rootedness, and we are constantly tempted to become bitter and resentful. Our first and often most difficult task, therefore, is to allow these actual displacements to become places where we can hear God’s call. It often seems easier to initiate a displacement that we ourselves can control than freely to accept and affirm a displacement that is totally out of our hands…

Henri Nouwen, Compassion


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