Sickness and Newsletters

I’ve been sick this week, and it has not been fun. I’ve realized how much I love MiraCosta. If it had been in the fall, my honest confession is that I would have loved to have been sick. I could just sit in bed and avoid driving 30 miles north, then 30 miles south again. However, I think I might actually miss my commuting. ha. No it’s not the commuting I miss. It’s the students. It’s the relationships. It’s throwing frisbees at people, but intentionally missing them so that I hit a stranger and can meet them.

Being sick, though, has its advantages. I had to prepare a talk for Mesa College’s (Which for some reason, people keep calling “MiraCosta” “Mesa”…) Intervarsity Ignite gathering on Thursday (which was interesting preparing for sick… I think it went well, but it’s hard to tell when you are sick how well you actually do on things), but in my spare time, I got to reflect on what God has done this semester. And it’s been A LOT. It also gave me some time to work on a long overdue newsletter. And you can see it here. Read it! God’s done some amazing things this year! go! read!




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