2 months of ministry

This blog isn’t doing a good job at capturing all my thoughts on what ministry is like. Mostly because ministry is so busy, and blogging isn’t always as convenient as it used to be as a student.

Luckily, this is not my only correspondence with the outside. If you’d like to be on my mailing list, please let me know. I send out prayer/update emails every 2 weeks.

You can download my quarterly newsletter here:

November Newsletter

But one thing I can tell you for sure- It is exhilarating. I do not regret making the choice to join the Intervarsity staff team at MiraCosta College. I am finding more and more this is where I was meant to be. This job forces me to be continuously aware that the Kingdom of God is ready to break through in all places and in all moments. And that simple awareness is almost disarming, but far from it at the same time.

I leave you with a quote here that has been echoing in my head:

“If you have the mentality that the salvation of the world is dependent on you, you do not have the faith to move mountains”

-Henri Nouwen

…may my dependence be not on myself, but on the true savior of the world, Jesus Christ Himself…


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