This is an email I sent to my prayer update list. Please keep us in prayer.


Hey everyone

I just wanted to ask all of you to be in prayer for the fires that are going on down in San Diego. If any of you go to prayer meetings at your church, this would also be a great thing to bring up for you all to pray for.

If you are unaware, on Sunday, all of a sudden, 7 or 8 separate fires began to burn out of control at once across southern california, from Malibu all the way to south eastern San Diego County. There is one fire that is in northern San Diego county that is advancing quickly westward, southward and northward. It has been unpredictable and swift due to extremely high winds and drought-like conditions that have been building up for several months.

The situation is grim and there has been a state of emergency declared by Governor Schwarzennegar. There are currently 250,000 that have been evacuated. Aproximately 10,000 of them are staying in Qualcomm stadium.

I am safe right now, and although the evacuation region is no more than 5-7 miles from where I live, it does not look like the fire will come near me. However, the fire is near many of my students. I have no idea how any of them are doing, but i know many of them live in the regions of the evacuation area. Please keep them in prayer. Also, my two co-workers at MiraCosta college, Amber and Natalia Kohn are on standby for evacuation. Their power has been going on and off throughout the day, and they are all packed up. My aunt and uncle who live in Carlsbad are also on standby to evacuate.  MiraCosta college is closed today, and I am not sure how soon school will start again, so for now, I am staying at home, trying not to breath the ashy air.

Please keep San Diego, my students and the residents of San Diego county in prayer. Pray for more favorable weather for firefighters to fight the fires. Also, please keep these San Diego staff who have been evacuated already in prayer:

Marcus and his wife Marissa
Anne Skidmore
Ryan and Stacy Pfeiffer – and their 2 boys
Ramiro and Wendi Marchena
Scott and Alma – and their 3 kids
Scott and Carrie and their little boy
Barbara Noyes and her family

If you are also a resident of the evacuated area, please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you, or at least I can be praying for you.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Please keep persevering in prayer for us.

Daniel Lui

P.S.- If you would like up to date info on what is going on, go here:, and this site has updates on San Diego Intervarsity staff:


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