Follow it up!

one of the ideas I have for writing a book is to bring up the parallels between evangelism, fundraising and relationships. It’s a devious plan that I have, I know, but i think it would sell.

One parallel I have been seeing, at least between evangelism and fundraising is the issue of follow up. I’ve realized that

  1. If I don’t follow up in evangelism, it doesn’t really matter that I brought the person to Christ. The person will just disappear on me.
  2. If I don’t follow up in fund raising, I simply won’t really get support from anybody even though they intend to support me.
  3. Follow up can’t be too pesky, but it’s even worse if it’s too passive.
  4. I suck at follow up. Either I’m too forward about it, or I just don’t try at all. It takes work for me, and often, I don’t invest enough time and energy into it.

Now can this parallel carry over to relationships? ha. i’m not sure. But I do suppose… many people tell me the hardest part isn’t getting a person to like you, it’s what you do after that. It’s like the relationship doesn’t get easier and requires less work, it is actually more work.

One day i’ll figure out if that’s true or not i suppose. Until then, the book cannot be written until I have experience. hahahaha.


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