So does this make me look cool? or fat?

MeI’ve become quite insecure with my digital image these days. I’ve realized there is so much I can project in a digital space. There are so many people that I can purport myself to be in digital spheres of communication.

Well, in this space, you get to see the ministry part of my identity. I am devoting this space to share about different thoughts and experiences I have concerning my ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It’s going to be a crazy ride… and perhaps it will not be who you expect me to be all the time.

My current context and perspective is an American/early 20’s cultural context. People have penned several different names for this context- Postmodern, Generation Y, Millenials, The Internet Generation, Emergent culture, (i dare even add web 2.0… shudder), etc… maybe some of them are familiar to you, maybe some them, you are sick of hearing, and still, maybe you are scratching your head at what the hell any of these mean… Most of these terms are fancy marketing or evangelism catchphrases to describe… me?

If you search any of them on Wikipedia, you’re bound to find a bunch of over-formulaic claims that are really just generalized assumptions about what this culture is. One claim, of which I suppose is true, is our tendency to “wear our hearts on our sleeves”. We like to be extremely public, yet simultaneously private. Thus, demonstrated in the rise of blogs, myspace, facebooks… We like to project our lives digitally for the public, while remaining in the comfortability of the privacy of our personal computers in a dark room at home. We know more about each other than anybody else has known other people without really having to confront anybody face to face.

I have greatly wandered from my original thought. What I was getting at is this: I will be brutally honest on this blog about who I am, but please don’t be surprised when you realize it’s not the same Daniel you saw in flesh. Think of this more as… another facet of my identity :). Perhaps it’s a tad exhibitionist, but this is how I process things- dangerously public, while safely private and separated.

Yes- this blog is so that you can get a glimpse of what’s actually going on in my head, and for those of you not in my physical proximity, it may be one of your primary sources as to what’s going on in my life. So please, don’t let my disclaimer of questionable reality scare you off. Hopefully this will not be duplicitous, but be extremely truthful as to what is going on in my life and my journey through ministry.

And despite being exhibitionist, I will do some self-censorship once in a while. Somethings won’t necessarily fit into the subject matter of this blog. I put random thoughts and meanderings in my xanga (, which is becoming increasingly shallow, but alas, still serves a purpose. I also have a more academic blog on Asia, Asian American identity, and my thoughts on my previous trips to Asia on blogspot ( (I am considering importing those posts to this blog, but we’ll see how this new blog emerges). Finally, for extremely personal issues and struggles, I like to keep outside of the digital sphere. I need to put up some boundaries there. Sometimes it crosses the boundaries with an occasional vague “emo” post, but for goodness sake, if you want to find out more about me personally, I’m completely open to coffee (in fact, I’m addicted…). I will bear the ugliest of my guts only in person- that seems to be a more dignified and less cowardly thing to do.

Finally, I promise not to be as wordy and long as this post. ha. maybe. I have a degree in Communications, and somehow, Communications majors have an uninhibited desire to continuously talk and yak and write and B.S. However, for the sake of the readership of this blog, I will try to be concise.


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